Bastress Winery located outside of Williamsport Pennsylvania in Central PA carries a variety of fruit wines as well as dry

At Bastress Winery, we pride ourselves on our local, high-quality wines—crafted by people who truly care. Pennsylvania may not be famous for wine, but we’re certainly known for our hard work, ingenuity, and family-run local businesses—which is exactly what makes Bastress wines stand out.

Since Bastress is now under new ownership, we’re working to refine our wine list. We’re currently reassessing our entire repertoire, working to make sure every wine we offer is something nuanced and unforgettable.


Our Current Wine Selection

White Wines

Pinot Gris
Group Therapy
Romeo White

Blush Wines

Autumn Blush

Red Wines

Cabernet Franc
Sweet Bastress Red
Rusty Red

Fruit Wines

Mountain Concord Grape
Mountain Pomegranate
Mountain Cranberry* Seasonal for the Winter
Mountain Raspberry
Mountain Blueberry
Mountain Peach
Mountain Plum
Six on the Beach

Some of our wines are seasonal, if you are stopping by for something in particular, please call ahead to ensure we have it in stock. 

To check out our selection of spirits, visit our sister business – Mountain Top Distillery.